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 here is the old, logical web site?

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PostSubject: here is the old, logical web site?    Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:09 am

Dearest Support, what happened to the hierarchical Web site at with a navigation menu and logically organized topics in a single list? I have not been able to find any official documentation on topics. In my self-appointed role of amateur in-game support, helping noobs who are getting treated rudely in TC, I've referred them to the site--the old site--to find things like realm maps, realm levels, mount training information, etc.
Since Cataclysm, the questions have multiplied, and I think I sent them into the Maelstrom of Lost Things. To double-check on their confused responses, I went looking myself, only to find that the pages I sent them to are all 404s. I have not been able to find the maps of dungeon and questing levels any more with the integrated search. It sends me only to the forums, where I am barraged with hundreds of opinions, post after post of narrative discourse, and no fast links to official, concentrated information. As the Documentation Lead of a supercomputer center, I know that developers love to install wikis and forums for information, without realizing that this can be torture for many users--and a huge time sink.
I have sent people to thottbot, allakhazam, and wowwiki, but there are some things that was just better at--much faster, because you didn't have to know the precise terms to search on to get what you want quickly and efficiently.
Have I simply missed the one-stop navigation menu somewhere? I loved being able to cruise right to maps, realm status, accounts, etc., without having to read and read and readjust my search key words. With love and appreciation for an exemplary game, Protlinkka
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here is the old, logical web site?
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