Make sure all payments are going to "BrutalPalace" or "Palace" and you are getting the item of your choice!
-How to donate-
1. Select an item off the list.
2. Order and pay.
3. Notify an owner that you donated and we will check for your payment and after thay we will be sure to give you your things that you ordered ASAP.
Hybrid Mage pack Contains: Ahrims robe top, Ahrim's robe bottom, Master wand, Mage's book, Infinity boots, Infinity gloves, Infinity Hat, Divine Spirit Shield, Dragon Claws, and any god cape of your choice and amulet of fury.
Hybrid Melee pack Contains: Whip, Rune defender, Dragon boots, Dragon dagger, Helm of neitz, Bandos platebody, Bandos tassets, Amulet of fury, AGS, and Dragon claws.