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 How to start brutalpalace

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dds v you

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How to start brutalpalace Empty
PostSubject: How to start brutalpalace   How to start brutalpalace EmptySat Mar 27, 2010 4:47 pm

Ok since server is off i might aswell do this now

STEP1. If you log in, you should be at the grand exchange, explorer jack is near you, find and talk to him he will give you an iron dragon rune scimi a whip a berserker 15m cash

STEP2. Now go to the question mark of the compass inside the zone of the grand exchange and wield your iron scimitar with slash and change style every now and then

STEP3. Kill the man that is just sitting there, he will drop coins, dont bother picking them up, do this over and over till 70 str attack and def

STEP4. Okay gratz you have not bad stats, time for range

STEP5. Do ::item 888 900000 this is a mithril arrow its the best you can use, wield your maple bow jack gave you

STEP6. KIll the man a bit

STEP7. Once you have 80 range spawn the item codes 4734, 4736, 4738, 10796, 10696 and 4740 4740 is bolt rack so spawn 5k+

STEP8. Spawn code 386 and by 60000, now you have range gear bank with the banker at home and take out full inv of sharks

STEP9. Do the cmd ::cows and you should appear in lummy cow field, kill cows till 99 range

STEP10. Once you got 99 range your ready for mage!Range 99 shouldve taken you 20mins

STEP11. Ok guys just use the id list that was provided from now on

STEP12. Spawn all types of runes, ghostly, ahrims, and of course a air staff/battlestaff

STEP13. Go back to the man at home and kill him till 70 mage

STEP14. Wield your ahrims and go to the cows

STEP15. get 94 or 99 mage here

STEP16. Spawn a anti-dragonfire shield and stock up on food, and use the cmd ::miths

STEP17. KIll miths with ancients(ice or miasmic barrage)make sure to wield anti-dragon

STEP18. get a dfs and a zamorakian spear

STEP19. Spawn 100k dragon bones, bury them and do this till 99 prayer

STEP20. Go to cows or yaks and train your combat stats to 99


-DDs v you(silentmj)
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How to start brutalpalace
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